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Veronica E. Johnson, Ph.D.

Professor. Speaker. Consultant.
Therapy Sessions
About me

Dr. Veronica E. Johnson is a researcher unpacking the roles of race and culture in organizations and psychotherapeutic contexts. As a “race researcher”, Dr. Johnson recognizes the way that race and culture impact all of our lives both interpersonally, but also systemically.


Organizational Consulting

Dr. Johnson uses her expertise as a counseling psychologist and scholar on issues of race to inform collaboration with groups and organizations striving toward equity and greater diversity.


Speaking Engagements

Dr. Johnson is often called on to provide her expertise on race in a myriad of settings including colleges/universities and private organizations.


Expert Testimony

Dr. Johnson has jointly provided expert testimony in cases of racial discrimination.

My Approach

Dr. Johnson has a nuanced understanding of how individuals, and thus organizations, understand and lack understanding around race and culture. She recognizes that racial dialogues can elicit strong emotions including helplessness, sadness, guilt, and fear. She integrates this knowledge in order to provide empathic and supportive, yet challenging interventions that raise the racial and cultural consciousness of individuals, groups, and organizations.

When I tuned in and listened to what you were saying, I started to wonder if you had mysteriously found a way to live in my brain because I was experiencing everything you were describing. So thank you for making me feel like I wasn't going insane. (Seriously, thank you.)

Audience Member of Invited Talk, African-American woman, age 48

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